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incised adj
1 sharply and deeply indented
2 cut into with a sharp instrument
3 cut or impressed into a surface; "an incised design"; "engraved invitations" [syn: engraved, etched, graven, inscribed]

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  1. past of incise

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Incised means cut, particularly with a "V" shape. It is a term found in a number of disciplines.


thumb|left|300px|Schematic of a river incising downward through bedrock (gray). Process begins with the top image. In geomorphology, the term Incised refers to when a river has cut downward through its riverbed. The river may have been incising through sediment or bedrock. The river begins at one elevation and incises downward through its bed while leaving its floodplain behind (higher). Although, it is possible for the floodplain to be lowered at the same time. Examples include Mobile Bay along the Gulf of Mexico.


In medicine an incised wound is one made with a cutting instrument, often a deep wound. (See incision)


An incised structure is one with a deep "V" shaped notch, often used to refer to the outline of a leaf, or the membranes on a fish's fin.

Archeology and the Plastic Arts

Incised in archeology and the plastic arts refers to cutting into the surface of a medium, for example stone or wood. It often refers to the use of a "V" shaped tool to carve out the design. Writing carved into stone tablets or columns is often referred to as "incised".


Incised is a san-serif typeface.

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